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About Us

The Band

Icebolt was formed in Spring 2008, in Derbyshire, UK, by Lilly Beards, James Bryan and his sister, Charlotte Bryan. Originally, Icebolt was a singing/dancing band, unlike now where it is a proper alternative rock band with instruments! 


“Icebolt’s sound can only be described as a massive blur of, um, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs and, occasionally, a sort of Evanescence twist."

The different members of the band have different musical influences:


“I’m really influenced by Paramore and Damon Albarn’s work. The Smiths, as well... if Icebolt's sound could become anything close to The Smiths'... Well, that would be awesome!” Lilly

“Paramore, Snow Patrol, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle. Yeah.” James

“BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!!! And The Wanted, and Snow Patrol.” Lottie

About the members

Black Rose

Name: Lilly

Hair colour: Dark brown

Eye colour: Hazel

Fave colour: Dark purple, crimson and black

Best Friends: Fallen Angel, Twilight Phoenix, Midnight Violet, Lightning

Fave band: Paramore, The Smiths, The Wombats, Gorillaz, The Hoosiers, Panic! At The Disco, You Me At Six

Fave singer: Kate Bush, KT Tunstall, Florence + The Machine


Name: James

Hair colour: Strawberry blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Fave colour: Blue, black and white

Best friends: Niko, Jake

Fave band: Snow Patrol, Paramore

Fave singer: Lena, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle



Name: Charlotte/Lottie

Hair colour: Strawberry blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Fave colour: Blue, white, black, green

Best friends: Emily, Fallen Angel, Black Rose

Fave band: Big Time Rush, The Wanted

Fave singer: Lena 

Dark Rain

Name: Kirsty

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Hazel

Fave colour: Indigo, red

Best friend: Lauren

Fave band: Take That and One Direction

Fave singer: Mika


Fallen Angel 

Name: Harley

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Bluey green 

Fave colour: Dark purple and black

Best friends: Black Rose and Lightning

Fave band: Panic! At The Disco

Fave singer: Eminem, Avril Lavigne



Midnight Violet


Name: Becky

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Greeny blue

Fave colour: Indigo

Best friends: Black Rose, Lightning, Fallen Angel, Twilight Phoenix

Fave band: Paramore

Fave singer: Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd


If you’re in Icebolt and your profile isn’t on yet, please message Black Rose telling her your profile in this order:


Hair colour:
Eye colour:

Fave colour:

Best friends:

Fave song:

Thanks x



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