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Quotes hi, i have to say as president of the u.s that Icebolt is good xx so much so i want to kiss the inventor of it! :P Quotes
The oldest member

Quotes Yeah this website is awesome and Icebolt ROCKS! Quotes

Quotes This website is awesome, and cool. Yeah, the band is awesome! It's great being in the band. Quotes
Spanish Pianist

Quotes Yeah, I love Icebolt so much! Quotes
The Oldest Member

Quotes I like the forums. Like the ninja! Like the homepage. Like the questions for entering! Like the owner! Basically I like all of it. Quotes
The Roadie

Quotes I think Icebolt is awesome and is the best website ever! It's pretty much the only website I ever go on anymore. I rate it 5 star (even though there isn't any star rating)! Quotes
Random Girl :-)

Quotes I think icebolt is awesome and is the best website ever and the band is too. Quotes

Quotes It's awesome in Icebolt it's like having a singing, dancing family next to your real one and it all mostly in school!!! Quotes
song ideas dude

Quotes I adore the anime us page!!!! My anime girl is an anime Luna Lovegood, my favourite person ever!! Trust me, you should join this site if you haven't already - it's great fun! :-) Quotes
Satisfied Roadie of Roadiness!

Quotes I'm an emo satisfied person.... He he he! Quotes
The Emo Supporter (again!)

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