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Hi, I'm Jaguar and I'm going to tell you all about me.

For A start I have got 2 pet ginea pigs one called Pumkin and the other Squash. You might be thinking " What the heck there bizzare name's" and I agree with you because there not actually mine. There my little sister's pets. Btw, she is nine years old. 

However I have a better pet, his name is Luke and he is a Husky dog. I love going on walks with him on a sunny day. Luke is 5 years old and loves squeaky toys!

I am addicted to music like every one of you here so thats mostly about me.

Thanks for reading


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Reply lil
8:43 AM on July 14, 2012 
hey, where u gone matt!?
Reply Jaguar
1:13 AM on May 6, 2012 
phhhtt Doctor Who is rubbish
Reply DarkRain /:-Dx
3:48 PM on April 28, 2012 
hi. do you like doctor who?
Reply lil
10:52 AM on April 15, 2012 
good name :)
Reply Jaguar
10:46 AM on April 14, 2012 
Her Name is Ruby :)
Reply lil
7:38 AM on April 14, 2012 
hey matthew what's ur little sister's name!?
Reply Jaguar
4:37 AM on April 14, 2012 
Thats a cool name! What type of dog is she?
Reply Twilight Phoenix
4:35 AM on April 14, 2012 
xD *High fives Laptop Screen*
Btw, I have got a dog her name is jazz :)
Reply Jaguar
10:18 AM on April 13, 2012 
Highfive! xD
Reply lil
10:09 AM on April 13, 2012 
Lol ;)
Reply Jaguar
9:05 AM on April 13, 2012 
Yeah sure whatever you say lil!
Reply lil
6:06 AM on April 13, 2012 
Hey Matthew thanks for telling me about yourself, it's all cleared up now :) welcome to the website, Matt! Can I even call u Matt!? ;)
Reply Jaguar
6:00 AM on April 13, 2012 
p.s im 14 :D
Reply Jaguar
6:00 AM on April 13, 2012 
Yes, my real name is Matthew- black rose you must got me mixed up with someone else
Reply Twilight Phoenix
5:57 AM on April 13, 2012 
Jaguar Is your real name Matthew???
Reply lil
5:36 AM on April 13, 2012 
Ohh hi matthew

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