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Album comp

Posted by lil on January 5, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Hey y'all!! :P

Lil here! I bring following behind me 2 comps for you great websiters!! Theyre not massive comps, but they could shape the skinny paths of IB's future - maybe. The first comp is to think of an album name for our first album. We've got an EP so far (Songs Of The Silent Caller) but we need an album. It won't be out for a year or two yet, but we need to get its name sorted nowish. Soooo it would be great if you guys could think of one, or maybe a few. I've got 'Beautiful Future' so far but I don't really like it.

The other one is for you artists out there. I'd like you to create an album cover using Paint or something for the name, or one of the names you've suggested, or if you haven't suggested a name then one for Songs Of The Silent Caller, which hasn't actually got a cover yet.

Thanks xxxx


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Reply Twilight Phoenix
1:22 PM on January 13, 2012 
What about Shooting Star, and Avalanche????
Reply DarkRain /:-Dx
2:30 PM on January 14, 2012 
when i first saw the title i thought it said eden camp so that might give you some inspiration

what about silence will fall
no its probably copyright
what about fish fingers and custard
no seriously
if it has an interesting name it might draw people to it
Reply lil
4:40 AM on January 15, 2012 
I really like the idea, Koo, but people might think we're copying. We could thing of something a little more subtle? I dunno.
Reply DarkRain /:-Dx
9:16 AM on January 15, 2012 
fish fingers and vanilla cream?
Reply invisible ninja
12:01 PM on February 7, 2012 
Pheonix Tears(YAY(not in title))
Reply lil
8:37 AM on February 11, 2012 
invisible ninja says...
Pheonix Tears(YAY(not in title))

like it!! though i think my current fave might me becca's avalanche, cos obviously we're ICEbolt and the whole ice/snow theme for our first album would be ace :)

Reply lil
7:42 AM on March 3, 2012 
i said KEEP EM COMING, GUYS!!!!!!!!! C'mon!!! XD
Reply DarkRain /:-Dx
4:43 AM on March 4, 2012 
frozen love
Reply lil
9:46 AM on March 4, 2012 
DarkRain /:-Dx says...
frozen love

actually i really like that.


I'll make a blog where you guys can choose between avalanche and frozen love ;)

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