Why not stand up, pump your fists in the air, and scream like a maniac!?!?!?!?!

      We come in peace... and music... and chocolate muffins...                                              Wait what?

Icebolt - A combination of great music, bubbly personalities, randomness and fun. Welcome to Icebolt HQ... Welcome to our world.

Hey! It's us - Black Rose, Stardust and Lightning. We're Icebolt, the coolest band ever! OK, so maybe truly EPIC bands like Green Day, Snow Patrol, Muse and Paramore are just a tiny bit better, but oh well!! For you newcomers, here's some INFORMATION about our AMAZING website...

THIS PAGE is the homepage. As obvious. Duh.

To get to different pages you press on the button you want. The buttons are over here  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Do you see them? Do you see them? DO YOU SEEEEE? 

Ahem... anyway...

If you wanna join the website click register! You can create a profile and we will send you messages and friend requests, and comment on your statuses (and lots more)! Cool, right!?!?!

Also, we were gonna say something but we can't remember what it was. If we remember we'll tell you. 

(10 minutes of, and "Oh! I've got it! No I haven't..."s later)

OK, we can't remember. We have bad memories. Like goldfish.

 Peace, music and chocolate,

Black Rose (Lilly)

Stardust (James)

and Lightning (Lottie)


Visiting Peeps Count!


We've had over 2000 views to our website since July 2011! Amazing, right?? To thank you loyal followers, we will email you something ace because you are the best site viewers ever!!!





































































































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